Challenge success stories from 2016


The 2017 Challenge programme launches this month, in readiness for the new year. What organisation wide project needs to be delivered next year? Or, what changes could your team drive and make significant tangible improvements? Maybe, you could play a huge part in delivering organisation and local team initiatives. The Challenge programme supports you, your team and organisation in identifying goals, timelines and using the wider community to gain advice and perspective.



Yorkshire Building Society

We created 2 week’s worth of capacity within the team by improving what we do; that’s excluding savings in the operation, where the benefits of better planning take longer to roll out. Before sending reports we pull out the “top 5” insights – and the managers say ‘wow’. They focus on what they needed to do. It’s a two-way street. They don’t know what they don’t know and we need to make our insight clear and easy to use.


We are starting to see improved Back Office forecast accuracy now. We also know where the benefits are and can track these. The key step was getting the right people engaged; I sometimes felt I was spending all my time talking but this is what made my challenge project a success. It’s important to allow enough time for engagement. When this was in place, everything else came together really quickly.

Quality & Customer Experience

RS Components

We created a new Quality & Customer Experience function. The biggest success has been our call monitoring form, which is simple and easy to use, focused on the customer’s experience not our internal process. Working on collective goals to improve the overall experience has been another win. The challenge has supported us all year, from the binder full of amazing information to the best practice weeks, which gave us a new way of thinking. It’s been a great to network, share best practice and gain support.

Student Loans Company

We have updated our QA to drive improvement. We gathered insight from a cross-section of customers and from advisors, using the challenge to prepare our proposals and compare our approach with other organisations. This really helped us define “your call” for advisors in a way that supports a natural conversation, with effective measurements, which we tested with a pilot group.


Data, Analytics & Insight

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

John Senior, Workforce Information Analyst at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust shares his personal challenge journey.

When I started, I had no idea what to expect and I was still learning about the issues facing our call centre. At my tutorial with The Forum, we discussed what was suitable for my Challenge..

  • My first goal was to document the processes involved in calculating staffing requirements for the 111 operations
  • Beyond this, I wanted to understand the tasks that created this workload, hopefully achieving some improvements. I also wanted to make it easier in future for anyone new and to improve my standing with work colleagues
  • The result, 10 months later, has been a number of small improvements and achievements rather than a single large project. These are intended to roll forward as a continuous improvement process
  • The Challenge has given me a place to discuss my issues and get ideas from others who can understand the issues. I’ve also been able to listen to others discussing their own issues and options they consider to resolve them
  • The Best Practice events have provided examples of situations and thought provoking points to keep me thinking of how to make things better
  • A great deal of confidence has come from being involved with The Forum
  • Whilst working on the challenge, I have had to organize myself to create empty spaces of time in which to do large pieces of work
  • I now do on a Monday morning all the reports needed for the first half of the week. This feed up Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for development work. Similarly on a Thursday morning I do the reports which need to be produced more than once a week
  • By doing the Challenge, I now feel I have earned more respect at work and people are more prepared to ask me if I can help them with insight


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The Challenge: see how members took time out to improve what they do, created time to deliver change & got the support required

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