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We are constantly working with our colleagues, members and other partners to build new course that help us set strong foundations, leverage new technology and challenge our ways of thinking.

Scheduled Modules

Don't just browse: Join in! The courses listed here have already been scheduled and you can join any of those for just £40 per person by clicking on them. If you are interested in any of our other courses or you are looking for something that we haven't yet thought of just let us know about your interest here.

Course Name Topic Public Event Sponsor
Introduction to Influencing Skills Impactful Professional 05/02/2019  12:00:00 Quality & Customer Experience Forum
Advanced Forecasting techniques and analysis tools Forecasting & Analytics 05/02/2019  14:00:00 L&G
Volatility & Flexibility - Intro Vol / Flex 08/02/2019  14:00:00 Hastings Direct Academy
Intro to Forecasting (with lessons from the best in class) Forecasting & Analytics 15/02/2019 12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Intro to Scheduling (with lessons from the best in class) Scheduling & colleague wellbeing 15/02/2019  14:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Measures of Success for Real Time Operational Effectiveness & Real Time 19/02/2019  12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Intro to MI & Insight (with lessons from the best in class) MI & Insight 19/02/2019  14:00:00 Data, Analytics & Insight Forum
Intro to Stakeholder Management Impactful Professional 01/03/2019  12:00:00 L&G
Predictability of Events exercise Forecasting 01/03/2019  14:00:00 Hastings Direct Academy
How to drive engagement through shift review Scheduling & colleague wellbeing 08/03/2019  12:00:00 L&G
Intro to Real Time (with lessons from best in class) Operational Effectiveness & Real Time 08/03/2019  14:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Intro to CI Methodologies CI & Change Management 12/03/2019  12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Measures of Success for MI and Insight MI & Insight 12/03/2019  14:00:00 Data, Analytics & Insight Forum
Driving strategy through Capacity Planning Capacity Planning Strategic Analyst 22/03/2019  12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Volatility & Flexibility - Understanding the Flexibility Toolkit Scheduling 22/03/2019 14:00:00 Hastings Direct Academy


Previous Modules

Course Name Topic Public Event Sponsor
Measures of Success for Forecasting Forecasting & Analytics 11/01/2019  12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Measures of Success for Capacity Planing Capacity Planning 11/01/2019  14:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Measures of Success for Scheduling Scheduling & colleague wellbeing 15/01/2019  14:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Telling a story with numbers Forecasting & Analytics Impactful Professional 18/01/2019  14:00:00 Hastings Direct Academy
Introduction to Coaching Impactful Professional 25/01/2019  12:00:00 Quality & Customer Experience Forum
Advanced Forecasting techniques and analysis tools Forecasting & Analytics 25/01/2019  14:00:00 L&G
Intro to Capacity Planning (with lessons from the best in class) Capacity Planning 01/02/2019  12:00:00 Professional Planning Forum
Driving strategy through Forecasting Strategy Analyst 01/02/2019  14:00:00 Professional Planning Forum


The list below shows what we are currently developing and if you can’t find what you are after then just let us know, your feedback will help ensure we provide access to the skills and knowledge that is most needed in our community.

ID Course Name Topic Tier
1 Improving credibility of MI Analytics 3
2 Root cause analysis toolkit Analytics 1
3 Data Analysis Skills Analytics 1
4 Data best practise  Analytics 2
5 Accuracy and confidence Analytics 1
6 Normalising Data Analytics 1
7 Intro to Analytics Analytics Introduction
8 Validating Assumptions Analytics 2
9 Identifying opportunities from patterns and exceptions Analytics 3
10 Data visualisation in Analytics Analytics 3
11 Scientific Methods Analytics 2
12 Driving strategy through Analytics Analytics Strategic Analyst
13 What is Analytics? Analytics Introduction
14 Standards in Analytics Analytics Introduction
15 Analytics in the Planning Cycle Analytics Introduction
16 Operating and budget plans Capacity Planning 2
17 Shrinkages: Calculations Capacity Planning 1
18 Data visualisation in Cap Planning Capacity Planning 3
19 Operating & Budget models for Back Office Capacity Planning 1
20 Driving strategy through Cap Planning Capacity Planning Strategic Analyst
21 What is Cap Planning? Capacity Planning Introduction
22 Standards in Cap Planning Capacity Planning Introduction
23 Cap Planning in the Planning Cycle Capacity Planning Introduction
24 Case Studies - Vol / Flex Case Studies Further Learning
25 Case Studies - Operational Effectiveness Case Studies Further Learning
26 Case studies - MI & Analysis Case Studies Further Learning
27 Case Studies - Cap Planning Case Studies Further Learning
28 Case Studies - Scheduling Case Studies Further Learning
29 Case Studies - Real Time Case Studies Further Learning
30 Case Studies - OB Dialling Case Studies Further Learning
31 Case Studies - MI Case Studies Further Learning
32 Case Studies - Analytics Case Studies Further Learning
33 Case Studies - Speech Case Studies Further Learning
34 Gamification to drive change Change Management 3
35 Data best practise and enrichment Data Management 3
36 Performance records & data tables, rigour and governance Data Management 1
37 Driving strategy through Forecasting Forecasting Strategic Analyst
38 Data visualisation in Forecasting Forecasting 3
39 Advanced Forecasting techniques and analysis tools Forecasting 2
40 Predictability of Events exercise Forecasting 2
41 What do we mean by Volatility Forecasting 1
42 Forecastable metrics Forecasting 1
43 Forecasting techniques and analysis tools Forecasting 1
44 Data visualisation in MI MI 3
45 Realising the value of data MI 2
46 Dissemination of Data MI 2
47 Creating a balanced scorecard MI 3
48 What is good MI? And, MI Reviews MI 1
49 Measures of Success:  Balanced Scorecards MI 1
50 Creating executive summaries MI 2
51 Creating a balanced scorecard to drive recommendations MI 3
52 Driving strategy through MI MI Strategic Analyst
53 What is MI? MI Introduction
54 Standards in MI MI Introduction
55 MI in the Planning Cycle MI Introduction
56 Gathering Qualitative Feedback Operational Effectiveness 1
57 Time Horizons & Role Within Planning Team Operational Effectiveness 1
58 Managing Assumptions Operational Effectiveness 3
59 Employee life-cycle – Recruitment to attrition Operational Effectiveness 1
60 Build and optimise outbound models Outbound 2
61 OB Regulation Outbound 1
62 Driving strategy through OB Dialling Outbound Strategic Analyst
63 What is OB Dialling? Outbound Introduction
64 Standards in OB Dialling Outbound Introduction
65 OB Dialling in the Planning Cycle Outbound Introduction
66 Influencing skills Personal Effectiveness 3
67 Time Management for Analysts Personal Effectiveness 1
68 Developing Open Questions Personal Effectiveness 3
69 Facilitation skills Personal Effectiveness 1
70 Personal Brand Personal Effectiveness 3
71 Coaching Personal Effectiveness 3
72 Telling a story with numbers Personal Effectiveness 1
73 Presenting and positioning Personal Effectiveness 3
74 Supporting others in influencing Personal Effectiveness 3
75 Influencing at a higher level Personal Effectiveness 3
76 Stakeholder Identification Personal Effectiveness 3
77 Stakeholder Mapping Personal Effectiveness 3
78 Stakeholder Engagement Personal Effectiveness 3
79 Influencing to Influence Personal Effectiveness 3
80 Feedback Skills Personal Effectiveness 3
81 Growth Mindset Personal Effectiveness 3
82 Understanding people (including how to say no) Personal Effectiveness 2
83 Dealing with Ad-hoc requests Personal Effectiveness 3
84 Behavioural Economics intro Personal Effectiveness 3
85 Coaching & Questioning Personal Effectiveness 3
86 Engaging key stakeholders Personal Effectiveness 3
87 Erlang Basics Vs linear calculations Planning 1
88 Intro to Planning Planning Introduction
89 ROI Measuring Value Process Improvement 1
90 ROI: Tracking change and Measuring Value Process Improvement 2
91 Intro to CI methodologies Process Improvement 3
92 Root cause Analysis Process Improvement 2
93 Continuous Improvement Process Improvement 3
94 Conformance / Adherence: Value and management methods Real Time 1
95 Building and optimising real time RAG Models Real Time 3
96 Data visualisation in Real Time Real Time 3
97 Volatility Vs Flex in RT Real Time 1
98 Using RAG models to take action Real Time 1
99 Using RAG models to take action Real Time Strategic Analyst
100 What is Real Time? Real Time Introduction
101 Standards in Real Time Real Time Introduction
102 Real Time in the Planning Cycle Real Time Introduction
103 Volatility & Flexibility – Understanding the flexibility toolkit Scheduling 1
104 Measures of Success:  Schedule Fit Scheduling 1
105 Data visualisation in Scheduling Scheduling 3
106 How to drive engagement though shift review Scheduling 3
107 Working regulations, Change control and impact analysis Scheduling 2
108 Flexibility Toolkit Scheduling 2
109 Shrinkage: Tracking, Managing and Optimising Scheduling 1
110 Driving strategy through Scheduling Scheduling Strategic Analyst
111 What is Scheduling? Scheduling Introduction
112 Standards in Scheduling Scheduling Introduction
113 Scheduling in the Planning Cycle Scheduling Introduction
114 Driving strategy through Speech Speech Strategic Analyst
115 What is Speech? Speech Introduction
116 Standards in Speech Speech Introduction
117 Speech in Data and Insight Speech Introduction
118 Data visualisation in Speech Speech 3
119 Operating models, routing strategies and skill design  
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