When choosing courses there is a lot to consider: different courses can help us in different ways and sometimes it can be difficult to predict which will allow us to have the biggest impact.

To help you make the best choice for you we have aligned our courses to a framework the helps you understand the expected outcomes and purpose of all our modules.



As you read through the modules you can use the framework to map out your development plan.

You only pay for the courses you attend so taking some time to create your very own roadmap from intro level modules to BSc is, literally, priceless.

The framework works equally well for individuals as it does for entire organisations where we partner with the leadership teams to create frameworks that reflect their own objectives and organisational structures.

Organisational academies like these, with specific development paths for people in the same role, are a fantastic boon to cooperation. As all your colleagues complete a given module, you start to create common language. At the same time, we are raising everyone’s knowledge to a new level that everyone can rely on each other to know. Trust is built when people know what they can trust each other on.


About us

As an independent body supporting the contact centre industry since early 2000, we are supplier-independent and work across all industry sectors to provide specialist support for contact centre professionals.

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