We don’t think it’s fair that training in a rare skill is more expensive. That’s why we are doing our very best to keep all our prices the same, irrespective of the subject. So once you have chosen which modules best fit your needs, your next challenge is to find the delivery method that helps you learn.

We love a good workshop – they are so effective at embedding learning when you are covering a lot of ground – so if you are thinking of training a whole team on 5 or 6 modules in one day then face to face training is probably the best option for you.

If on the other hand you prefer learning one new concept and then having some time to practice using it before moving on to the next, you should probably consider virtual learning sessions.


Public learning events are really for everyone. By sponsoring one of these events you get to pick the subject, the date and the time (subject to our availability) – you are then allowed to invite 15 people and will receive a free 30-minute review session for your team, facilitate by us to help embed the learning.

Here is the amazing part: If the module you want to learn has already been scheduled you can join for just £40. No setup costs. No fuss. Just the most accessible offer we’ve ever created.

Check out which modules are being planned for public delivery here


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