Meet the team behind The Forum

As a team with a mixture and a perfect blend of experience we aim to raise standards and professionalism in customer contact centres around the UK.


The Leadership Team

Paul Smedley
Founder and Chair


Nicola Callan


Richard Abdy
Head of Membership


Bob Stella
Head of Best Practice, Insight


Phil Anderson
Head of Best Practice, Planning


Leigh Macilwaine
Programme Development Manager

Penny Hicks
Membership Engagement Manager


The Forum Specialists

Alison Conaghan
Planning Specialist


Paul Jackson-Moss
Planning Specialist


Ian Robertson
Insight Specialist


The Membership Team

Pamhi Broodie
Member Support Specialist


Dean Bjourson
Member Support Specialist


Marie Ash
Member Support Assistant


The Programme Support and Communications Team

Mike Rome
Design & Digital Marketing Specialist

Leanne McNamee
Communications Assistant


Chloe Masters
Programme Support Specialist


Isabelle Smith
Executive Assitant


Janet Cunningham
Executive Assistant


Christine Hackney
Finance Assistant

About us

As an independent body supporting the contact centre industry since early 2000, we are supplier-independent and work across all industry sectors to provide specialist support for contact centre professionals.

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